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Welcome to SID, a searchable database of high-resolution images for phylogenetic and biodiversity research. Each image is accompanied by fully searchable annotation, and can be browsed, searched or downloaded*. Registered users can also add, annotate or label images. The database is intended as a reference collection of named specimens and a resource for comparative morphological research.

This installation of SID is devoted to the insect order Phthiraptera (lice) and currently contains 7650 images of 440 taxa.

Systematists interested in contributing images associated with lice should register using the Login link above. Alternatively you may download and host your own version of SID devoted to any taxon for which you have images. SID was designed as a general-purpose image database and is freeware. It can be downloaded with detailed installation instructions from the Host SID link.

*Copyright Policy
Each image has an individual copyright policy; however, in most cases images can be used for private or non-commercial purposes for free, provided that the source and the copyright holder are cited. Any commercial use requires consent from the copyright holder.

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